Wednesday, 1 January 2014

OpenERP rolled out multi tab tree view.

Hello Everyone,

OpenERP rolled out multi tabbed tree view.

Here I come with new feature in web-client, tab feature for User Defined Filters, with addons web_cutom_filter_tabs one will be able to get the his saved filters as Tab, it is something like Multi tabbed Gmail Inbox, if you see your Gmail inbox then you will Tabs Primary, Social, Promotions through which user can filter out his mails according to mail content.

Same way with this OpenERP Addons user will get Tab for each custom filter defined by user, so that user can have a simplicity to filter his record according to his User defined defaults and he can have interface same like multi tab interface.

For better reference here is the video added to youtube:

Suggestions are most welcome and your feedback will help us to improve this web-addons.